Bluebird Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc. was established in August 1, 2011 with the hope of providing the much needed occupational, physical, and speech therapy services to the children in Mobile County, along with neighboring gulf coast counties in Alabama and Mississippi.  Currently, we provide occupational therapy, speech therapy and feeding therapy services.  We also provide summer camps and social skills group throughout the summer.

Some of the special techniques that we use during treatment include, Integrative Listening Systems, Sensory Integration Techniques, Handwriting Without Tears, DIR/Floor time Concepts, Neurodevelopmental Treatment Techniques,  SOS Feeding Therapy, Beckman Oral Motor Therapy, and more.

Our hope is to address the ongoing needs of children with diagnosed disabilities, as well as, address the ongoing needs of children who may simply just need a little extra help staying afloat when they are having trouble meeting the demands of their school systems or daily activities in society.

Our mission is to serve all children who need help in one way or another and to serve their families in all the ways that we are able to.  Just as bluebirds often need a little extra help from their mom when they first learn to fly, many of our children need a little extra help becoming confident and self fulfilling in a society today that demands great things from them.  We believe that through collaboration with the families, school systems and our staff, we will be able to help your child to become what they are meant to be.